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[Axiom-developer] [Summer of Code] Other Axiom-related projects

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Summer of Code] Other Axiom-related projects
Date: Thu, 02 Jun 2005 10:58:32 -0500

Although I am sure that we have enough projects listed above
to keep an army of students busy for several years, I think
creating this list is a very useful exercise in and of itself.

Maybe another category would be a good idea. Something like:


  1 Complete the (re-)integration of the
    "Aldor compiler":
    into the open source version of Axiom.

    Aldor (previously known as the AXIOMXL library compiler)
    is a stand alone compiler that is compatible with the
    AXIOM SPAD programming language. Aldor can be used to
    write new algorthms and more efficient versions of existing
    library code.

  2 Extensions to MathAction - the Axiom Wiki

    1 Extend the interface to Axiom to permit display
      of Axiom graphics on MathAction

      Axiom graphics requires the X-windows environment. This
      can be done on the server using the virtual framebuffer
      driver Xfbdev and fbrun or gRun.

      When Axiom is run to process commands from a wiki page
      the Axiom command, e.g.::

        viewport1 := draw(sin x, x=-%Pi..Pi)

      needs to be able to communicate with the graphics
      processor in the X-windows environment to create the
      graphic image. Additional Axiom commands can write
      this to a postscript file and display in on the
      web page. E.g.::

        write(viewport1, "")
        \\psfig {} ...

    2 Add web interfaces to other open source mathematical
      In addition to Axiom, MathAction already has interfaces
      to several other packages including Reduce and Graphvz.
      Interfaces to other open source mathematical packages
      such as listed on the RosettaStone page could help to
      build a stronger community amoung mathematical software
      developers. This in turn would lead to improvements in
      Axiom and all related packages.

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