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[Axiom-developer] summer of code

From: daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] summer of code
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2005 12:50:22 -0500


Google is sponsoring a "summer of code" where they will pay 
students to work on open source projects for the summer. The
students get $4500 and the organization gets $500. This could
be a useful source of visibility, people, and revenue.

In order to qualify as a sponsoring organization (there are about
10 so far) we need to have a couple volunteers who are mentors
(to hire, guide, and evaluate the student work) and a website
listing ideas.

I tried to set a website page off the FrontPage but it does not
appear to be user-editable. Could you set up a page link to a 
page I can edit? I'd like to add the following on that page.


we could use students to:

work on the reference volume of the book 
  visit each algebra file and make a complete listing of all of
  the function signatures with boiler-plate documentation (e.g.
  the types in the argument lists). construct an index for the book.

work on the tutorial volume of the book
  choose a textbook (linear algebra for dummies?) or an online
  course (linear algebra at and develop a tutorial
  based on the source material using axiom.

work on the windows version of the browser and graphics
  work out the lisp code necessary to read browser pages and
  render them as TK pages

work on the wiki version of the browser and graphics
  work out the wiki code to use the browser pages directly in
  the wiki. figure out how to get the wiki to accept the browser
  page syntax.

develop regression testing
  create a systematic way of regression testing and implement it
develop test cases
  create a domain-by-domain set of reference test cases with
  explanations, boundary cases, etc.

test code
  use the handbook of curves and surfaces to comprehensively test
  the graphics routines.

  given a literate program that includes axiom algebra code and
  some text figure out how to "drag and drop" the paper onto axiom.
  that is, figure out how to get the code in the right place, the
  makefile to accept the code, the paper in the right place and
  integrated into the documentation

dvi organization
  work out an automated way to organize the hundreds of dvi files
  so they can be browsed.

booklet mechanism
  pamphlets use random names in code chunks. develop a full URL
  syntax and create a booklet mechanism. That is, one should be
  able to define a chunk as:
  and have something inserted inline or
  and have something inserted inline.

semantic markups
  develop latex macros for marking "concepts" in latex files
  mark up literate programs and math papers and create a concept
  index, similar to the word index mechanism latex now uses


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