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[Axiom-developer] [mirrors] (new)

From: billpage
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [mirrors] (new)
Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 20:36:37 -0600

<style type="text/css">
.hover-red:hover {background-color: pink; text-decoration: none }
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<dl><dt>You are about to download <b><dtml-var name></b> ...</dt>
When you press the &quot;Continue Download&quot; button below, your
download will begin. But before do, we would like to remind you of
some opportunities to give something back.
</p><p><b><dtml-var name></b> is provided to you at no charge
and you have every right to redistribute it to others (according
to license). In return we depend on people like you - those who
are willing to contribute their voluntary time, effort and donations
to ensure that all of Axiom remains free and that timely enhancements
will continue to be available to everyone.

You can help by:<ul>
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="An overview of what to do, how to submit patches and new material."
>contributing your programming skills and/or expertise in mathematics</a>,
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="There are several ways to stay in connect with the Axiom community."
>joining the mailing list, subscribing to the newsfeed</a>,
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="to the Axiom documentation and maintaining this web site (It's a wiki!)"
>contributing your editorial skills</a>,
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="Review bug reports, analysis and track issues"
>reporting new problems and usability issues</a>,
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="About Axiom and promoting its use in the classroom and research"
>spreading the word</a>,
<li> <a target="_blank"
title="Please give generously to the Axiom Foundation"
>donating funds</a>.
(<i>Note: links will open in a new window.</i>)
The AxiomFoundation appreciates your support!

<form name="nag">
<a href="&dtml-continue;"
class="hover-red"><input type="button" name="Continue"
value="Continue Download" class="hover-red"></a>
<a href="";
class="hover-red"><input type="button" name="Donate"
value="Donate Funds" class="hover-red"></a>
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