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[Axiom-developer] [RationalInterpolationAlgorithms] packages are not loc

From: wyscc
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [RationalInterpolationAlgorithms] packages are not local to page
Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2005 00:28:44 -0600

Thanks for the reminder to use )library. I thought the "local" nature might be 
reasonable just in case someone else creates a NRLIB with the same name and 
overwrites an old library (this is probably the case when one edits a page with 
compiler code). If memory serves, I tried adding an <code>import RIA</code> 
statement and the package <code>RationalInterpolation</code> still did not 
compile on the stand-alone page. Now that it does, we can delete the second 
package and examples from this page and just add a link.

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