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[Axiom-developer] [RationalInterpolation] (nouveau)

From: kratt6
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [RationalInterpolation] (nouveau)
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2005 03:39:25 -0600

The package below implements rational interpolation. 

)abbrev package RINTERPA RationalInterpolationAlgorithms
++ Description:
++ This package exports rational interpolation algorithms
RationalInterpolationAlgorithms(F, P): Cat == Body   where
    F: IntegralDomain 
    P: UnivariatePolynomialCategory(F)
    Cat == with
        RationalInterpolation: (List F, List F, NonNegativeInteger,
                               -> Fraction P
        +++ We assume that the elements of the first list are all distinct.
        +++ If they are not, division by zero might occur.

    Body == add
        RationalInterpolation(xlist, ylist, m, k) ==
            #xlist ^= #ylist =>
                error "Different number of points and values."
            #xlist ^= m+k+1 =>
                error "wrong number of points"
            tempvec: List F := [1 for i in 1..(m+k+1)]

            collist: List List F := cons(tempvec, 
                                         [(tempvec := [tempvec.i * xlist.i _
                                                       for i in 1..(m+k+1)]) _
                                          for j in 1..max(m, k)])

            collist := append([collist.j for j in 1..(m+1)], _
                              [[- collist.j.i * ylist.i for i in 1..(m+k+1)] _
                               for j in 1..(k+1)])
            resspace: List Vector F := nullSpace((transpose matrix collist) _
                                                 ::Matrix F)
            reslist: List List P := _
                      [[monomial((resspace.1).(i+1), i) for i in 0..m], _
                      [monomial((resspace.1).(i+m+2), i) for i in 0..k]]

            reduce((_+), reslist.1)/reduce((_+), reslist.2)

)abbrev package RINTERP RationalInterpolation
++ Description:
++ This package exports interpolation algorithms
RationalInterpolation(xx, F): Cat == Body   where
    xx: Symbol
    F:  IntegralDomain
    UP  ==> UnivariatePolynomial
    SUP ==> SparseUnivariatePolynomial
    Cat == with
        interpolate: (Fraction UP(xx, F), List F, List F, _
                      NonNegativeInteger, NonNegativeInteger) _
                      -> Fraction UP(xx, F)

        interpolate: (List F, List F, NonNegativeInteger, NonNegativeInteger) _
                      -> Fraction SUP F

    Body == add
        RIA ==> RationalInterpolationAlgorithms

        interpolate(qx, lx, ly, m, k) ==
            px := RationalInterpolation(lx, ly, m, k)$RIA(F, UP(xx, F))

            elt(px, qx)
        interpolate(lx, ly, m, k) ==
            RationalInterpolation(lx, ly, m, k)$RIA(F, SUP F)
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