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[Axiom-developer] [#122 Handling of power series]

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [#122 Handling of power series]
Date: Sun, 13 Mar 2005 21:49:49 -0600



Maple produces the following result::

  > series(sin(x),x=%I);

(\sin \left( I \right) +\cos \left(  
I \right)  \left( x- I \right) -1/2\,\sin
 \left( I \right)  \left( x- I
 \right) ^{2}-1/6\,\cos \left( I \right)  \left( x-
\mbox I \right) ^{3}+
1/24\,\sin \left( I
 \right)  \left( x- I \right) ^{4}+
{\frac {1}{120}}\,
\cos \left( I \right)  \left( I
 \right) ^{5}+O \left(  \left( x- I \right) ^{6}
 \right) )

This result appears the same to order 5. Could you
explain what you mean by "expansion point"?

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