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[Axiom-developer] RE: latexwiki update

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: latexwiki update
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2005 18:22:46 -0500


On Thursday, February 24, 2005 5:42 PM you wrote:
> Bill Page wrote:
> > Bob McElrath wrote: 
> > > and your "plone" skin does not look like a plone page...
> > > and does not include the (several) plone css files,
> > > including ploneCustom.css.
> > 
> > That it is true. The "plone" skin is just what you sent me a
> > few weeks ago about what Simon set up on
> No... compare this plone wiki:
> And yours:

??? After you log in to change to wiki/FrontPage
and press 'Shift Alt _' these look essentially the same to me.
What Simon implemented was this special ability to switch skins
on the fly using 'Shift Alt _' and 'Shift Alt +' (via a call to
'/setskin?skin=simple' and '/setskin?skin=plone' respectively).
Note: You *must* log in first for this to work.

The difference between
and is that on mathaction the skin=simple is
the default while on ubuntulinux the default is skin=plone.
This is done just by setting the default skin for the plone
side to 'Zwiki' instead of the usual plone default.
> "inside plone" means the plone titlebar, search field, login 
> button, and all that.  Here is what it should look like, with
> a wiki page in the middle obviously:

No, "inside plone" just means that the wiki page is located
somewhere inside the Plone site folder in Zope. Other things
being equal, yes it will display as you say above with the plone
titlebar etc. But if you use Simon's Zwiki skin then it looks
just like a stand alone ZWiki page even though it is really
inside plone.
> I don't know what you've done but it does not appear to be 
> using plone. "view source" on the ubuntu page and see the
> 10 or so .css files linked in <head>.  Your page has none
> of that.

Obviously you are not lookin at the ubuntu page in the
/setskin?skin=simple mode. You must log in first and then
press 'Shift Alt _'.

> > As I understand it, it is supposed to look just like the
> > standard ZWiki (i.e. stand alone) skin except that the
> > wiki page itself is really located inside Plone. 
> No, the pages look very different due to the interface added
> by plone. e.g. here is latexwiki in plone:

??? But changing the interface (normally) added by plone is
exactly what Simon is doing! He (and me also) want the user
to be able to choose between seeing the page as a "normal"
stand alone wiki page *or* as a wiki page inside plone with
all the plone bells and whistles. But in both cases it is
the same page. Only the bells and whistles change because
they are only part of the "skin".
> > Since LatexWiki works as an extension of the ZWiki stand
> > alone standard skin (is that right?), I thought that this
> > might work for LatexWiki as well. And it almost does.  So
> > far, all I can see that is different is the alignment of
> > images.
> It's more than a matter of finding the css, the plone page
> template is not being used at all, and zwiki's
> is being used instead(even when you hit the plone link to
> change skins).

You are right. When you change skins the search order
changes so that the contents of the portal-skins/standard
folder is picked instead of the zwiki_plone folder.

> > Another weird thing that you might also have already
> > noticed is that images that are inlined via $...$ do
> > not seem to be transparent but \begin{equation} ...
> > \end{equation} are transparent. This seems to be a
> > problem both on the plainwiki as well as under plone.
> I noticed that.  Did you install dviping?

Yes I installed dvipng.

> I was bouncing back and forth between dvipng, gs, and
> using alpha-channel or not, because it affected my new
> image alignment code.

Maybe something is left over from these changes.
> This is the reason 0.38 isn't out yet.  I've spent SO much 
> time tweaking the image rendering...this is getting tiresome.
> I've got to stop doing that because it's making me not want
> to look at latexwiki.

Well it's look pretty darn good to me! :) I think it produces
a much nicer looking result than the old latex 0.35 code that
I am using on the MathAction production site.

I really like the idea of using dvipng instead of gs.

Bill Page

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