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[Axiom-developer] [Q] How to classify integrate(z) vs integrate(z^1)

From: Vladimir Bondarenko
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Q] How to classify integrate(z) vs integrate(z^1)
Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2005 02:14:12 +0200

Hi *,

AXIOM connoisseurs help is highly appreciated.

How to interpret the following behavior?

-> integrate(z^2)

     1  3
     - z
                               Type: UnivariatePolynomial(z,Fraction Integer)
-> integrate(z^3)

     1  4
     - z
                               Type: UnivariatePolynomial(z,Fraction Integer)
-> integrate(z^4)

     1  5
     - z
                               Type: UnivariatePolynomial(z,Fraction Integer)

-> integrate(z^1)

     1  2
     - z
                               Type: UnivariatePolynomial(z,Fraction Integer)


-> integrate(z)

   There are 5 exposed and 2 unexposed library operations named
      integrate having 1 argument(s) but none was determined to be
      applicable. Use HyperDoc Browse, or issue
                            )display op integrate
      to learn more about the available operations. Perhaps
      package-calling the operation or using coercions on the arguments
      will allow you to apply the operation.

   Cannot find a definition or applicable library operation named
      integrate with argument type(s)
                                 Variable z

      Perhaps you should use "@" to indicate the required return type,
      or "$" to specify which version of the function you need.

Much thanks in advance.

Best wishes,

Vladimir Bondarenko

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