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[Axiom-developer] pdf vs dvi ? pdf looks beneficial.

From: Vladimir Bondarenko
Subject: [Axiom-developer] pdf vs dvi ? pdf looks beneficial.
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 05:07:43 +0200

Hi *,

William Page asks at

WP> All 1,800+ dvi files documenting the algebra and other parts of
WP> the system have been converted to PDF format. The use of PDF is
WP> the main reason for the increase in size. I would like to know the
WP> opinion of people who download this file whether conversion to PDF
WP> is a good idea. Is it more convenient? Would you prefer to save
WP> space and download time by omitting the files or is dvi format
WP> acceptible to most Windows users?

Personally, I feel excellent upon having at last an opportunity to read
the pdfs - instantly! It was quite a headache for me to deal with the
dvis. Easy access to the pdfs has already given me both new bug ideas
and a better understanding of AXIOM.

As for the increased size, I'd say that, from my experience, the most
painful download threshold is about 1-2 Mb in the dial-up mode.

If a user can download 20 Mb, most probably, he or she can do 50 Mb,
without much extra effort.

Best wishes,

Vladimir Bondarenko

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