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[Axiom-developer] Re: February 2005 release

From: Gilbert Baumslag
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: February 2005 release
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2005 12:54:39 -0500

I looked in all three sites for the February release, but it appears nowhere to my relatively unpracticed eye. Is this release really where advertized below?


On Sun, 30 Jan 2005 08:23:33 -0500
 root <address@hidden> wrote:
The February 2005 release of Axiom has been posted to: as axiom--main--1--patch-29

This is the first "feature complete" release of Axiom. It includes all of the algebra we have available, working graphics, and a working hyperdoc browser. Once you build the system you can test it by typing:


when the hyperdoc browser starts choose

Basic Commands -> Draw -> A function of two variables -> Continue -> Do It

and a graph will appear. Click anywhere on the graph to get the control panel.

A Source tarball and binaries for several platforms are being compiled
and will be uploaded as they become available.

Please report any bugs at:

This is a wiki page and you can modify it from your browser to add bugs. Please be sure to note the 'Version' listed on the banner when Axiom starts so we can track which version has the bug.

Questions should be sent to the address@hidden mailing list.

The February 2005 release is known to build on RedHat and Fedora systems including Fedora 3. Be sure to use the ./configure script.

The Solaris 9 merger is still in process and may not yet build correctly from these sources. A working version of Axiom has been built for Solaris 9 which includes both graphics and hyperdoc. The ./configure script should
properly recognize the solaris system.

The Windows merger is still in process and may not yet build correctly from these sources. A working version of the algebra but not the graphics and hyperdoc exists. Efforts are underway to make portable versions of
the graphics and hyperdoc but that will take a while. See

The MAC OSX port is being worked on. There is no further news.

The March 2005 release is now open for changes.
Immediate items of work are:
  finish and test Solaris 9 changes
  finish and merge Windows changes
finish and merge the "fixed-point" changes to the algebra
  automate patch file handling in hyperdoc
  create beta version of MAC OSX
  first steps toward hypertex in common lisp
create pre-print version of volume 1 (tutorial) of book continue bug collection from axiom-developer mailing list to IssueTracker

The --patch-29 change is a simple typo.

This release changed the following files:

CHANGELOG FAQ Makefile Makefile.pamphlet README configure lsp/Makefile.pamphlet lsp/ccl/src/axbase/cclwhereis2.lsp lsp/ccl/src/cslbase/curses.h.pamphlet src/Makefile.pamphlet src/algebra/Makefile.pamphlet src/algebra/algfunc.spad.pamphlet src/algebra/combfunc.spad.pamphlet src/algebra/float.spad.pamphlet src/algebra/sttaylor.spad.pamphlet
src/algebra/trigcat.spad.pamphlet src/booklets/Makefile.pamphlet src/boot/Makefile.pamphlet src/clef/Makefile.pamphlet src/clef/edible.c.pamphlet src/doc/Makefile.pamphlet src/etc/Makefile.pamphlet src/etc/axiom src/graph/Gdraws/Makefile.pamphlet src/graph/Makefile.pamphlet src/graph/view2D/Makefile.pamphlet src/graph/view3D/Makefile.pamphlet src/graph/viewAlone/Makefile.pamphlet src/graph/viewman/Makefile.pamphlet src/input/Makefile.pamphlet src/interp/Makefile.pamphlet src/interp/as.boot.pamphlet src/interp/ax.boot.pamphlet src/interp/debugsys.lisp.pamphlet src/interp/i-syscmd.boot.pamphlet src/interp/setq.lisp.pamphlet src/interp/util.lisp.pamphlet src/lib/Makefile.pamphlet src/lib/XDither.c.pamphlet src/lib/XShade.c.pamphlet src/lib/XSpadFill.c.pamphlet src/lib/bsdsignal.c.pamphlet src/scripts/Makefile.pamphlet src/share/Makefile.pamphlet src/sman/Makefile.pamphlet src/sman/sman.c.pamphlet src/hyper/*
zips/gcl-2.6.5.cmpnew.gcl_cmpmain.lsp.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5.h.386-linux.h.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.cmpnew.gcl_cmpcall.lsp.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.cmpnew.gcl_cmpflet.lsp.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.h.gmp_wrappers.h.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.h.linux.defs.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.h.mingw.defs.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.o.alloc.c.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.o.mingfile.c.patch axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.o.unixfsys.c.patch axiom/zips
zips/ axiom/zips
zips/gcl-2.6.5w.unixport.makefile.patch axiom/zips


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