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RE: [Axiom-developer] Problem compiling Axiom on Ferora Core 3...

From: Page, Bill
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Problem compiling Axiom on Ferora Core 3...
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:10:40 -0500


On Wednesday, January 26, 2005 4:35 PM you wrote:
> Thanks for the reply! I made the changes in the
> Makefile.pamphlet and GCL now compiles fine. I can use
> gcl from the command line.

Good. That's step 1.

> However now the code in src/boot does not compile. It
> fails with the following error. I am not sure if this
> is related to GCL or something else.
> ...
> 15 making /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src
> make[2]: Entering directory
> `/home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src'
> 21 making /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src/boot
> make[3]: Entering directory
> `/home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src/boot'
> 44 invoking make in
> /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src/boot with parms:
> SYS= linux
> LSP= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/lsp
> PART= cprogs
> SPAD= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/mnt/linux
> SRC= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/src
> INT= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/int
> OBJ= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/obj
> MNT= /home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/mnt
> make[3]: ***
> [/home/ammar/GNU/axiom/axiom/obj/linux/bin/bootsys]
> Error 255

If you search the `src/boot/Makefile' for the string
"echo 44" you will see that the failure occurs at the
point that GCL is running GCL for the first time. '255'
is an error returned by ${LOADSYS}. Notice that LOADSYS =
${OBJ}/${SYS}/bin/lisp,  which is the name that the Axiom
uses for it's slightly modified version of GCL.

When you say that you "can use GCL from the command line"
do you mean that you can type

  $ lisp

? Does GCL seem to start normally? You should at least be
able to do something trivial and quit with the commands:

  (+ 1 1)

Since Axiom does not do a complete install of GCL - only
enough for it's purposes - and since you mention running GCL
from the command line I wonder if maybe because of the previous
problem, you might not have allowed Axiom to build GCL in the
way that it needs to in order to build Axiom?

If you haven't done this already, I recommend that you
re-start the build fresh with the commands:

  $ ./configure
  $ (cut-and-paste AXIOM and PATH variables)
  $ make clean
  $ make | tee axiom-make.log

If this fails, then I think we will need to see a more
listing of the output of make. The `tee' command above
is a way to create such a file.

bill Page.

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