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[Axiom-developer] [#46 termio vs ptermio] additional information

From: anonymous
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [#46 termio vs ptermio] additional information
Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2005 21:39:44 -0600

| Gabriel,
| Steve Wilson points out that the CHANGELOG contains the lines:
| 20041116 tpd src/clef/edible.c termios -> termio
| 20040730 sxw src/clef/edible.c termio -> termios
| so it appears that on some systems we need termio and
| on others we need termios.

I see.  I can confirm that on GNU/Linux, and generally (recent) glibc
systems, one needs termios.  I also looked on solaris plateforms
(apparently currently not supported by axiom), one needs termios there
I guess that is something one would need to test for at configure time. 

| Steve believes that this is dead code because at the top
| of the file we see:
| #ifdef unlikely
| ...
| #define logterm
| and the termios code is protected by 
| #ifdef logterm

I can see that the fragment is guarded by 
   #ifdef logterm

but for some reasons that code is reached on my system (SuSE-9.0, 
with glibc-2.3.2).

GCC with the option -dM dumps macros that are defined.  I can confirm
that gcc -E -dM edible.c shows a line where logterm is defined.  More
precisely, I have the following

   #define _GCC_SIZE_T 
   #define CEOT CEOF
   #define logterm 1  /* <===== here */
   #define __INO64_T_TYPE __UQUAD_TYPE
   #define _IO_LINKED 0x80

so my gut feeling is that that macro gets defined as internal to some
system header files.  

That gut feeling turns out to be wrong, as replacing logterm with
AXIOM_LOGTERM throughout edible.c still leads to the same problem.
So I operated on a second assumption: the macro "unlikely" must have
been defined somewhere else.  Bingo!  With the help of gcc -E -dM, I
could spot

    #define __KEY_T_TYPE __S32_TYPE
    #define sigev_notify_function _sigev_un._sigev_thread._function
    #define likely(x) __builtin_expect((x),1)   /* <==== here */
    #define FAPPEND O_APPEND
    #define _XOPEN_ENH_I18N 1
    #define F_ULOCK 0
    #define errno (*__errno_location ())
    #define unlikely(x) __builtin_expect((x),0) /* <=== here too */
    #define EL2NSYNC 45
    #define _IO_off64_t _G_off64_t

I can't tell you right now which system header files define those
questionable macros (I know what they mean, but I don't see what they
are doing there).  It seems that some glibc-based systems have taken
the right to hijack those names.  
Maybe Axiom might prefer to spell its macros all in caps, and probably
prefixed with AXIOM_ ...
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