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[Axiom-developer] RE: Clarification: IssueTracker? NO, axiom-developer

From: Page, Bill
Subject: [Axiom-developer] RE: Clarification: IssueTracker? NO, axiom-developer list, alway s.
Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2005 03:43:46 -0500


On January 18, 2005 3:25 AM you wrote:
> I believe there might be a misunderstanding.

Yes. I was mistaken. In a later email you will see that I
made an apology to you.

> You write:
> PB> Why are you spaming the issuetracker with so many poorly
> PB> formatted emails from axiom-developer email list?
> Actually, while I find some IssueTracker's features to be
> nice findings (say, the hues of red to distinguish between
> the severity levels), I still NEVER used IssueTracker's URL
> or address@hidden for sending anything.

I know. But I think that you *should* use IssueTracker. My
(incorrect) complaint was that I thought you were using it
but incorrectly. It is better to use it in any case.

> What I do is ALWAYS the same, I post my messages to
> address@hidden , plus, a CC to a person who might
> be especially interested in this. I saw such a scheme of
> posting at the messages I got from AXIOM Developers.

That is the correct procedure if you are unsure and would
like clarification before making a report in IssueTracker.
> I have already seen today a big mess at IssueTracker (unreadable!)
> and strongly support your idea of full, easy readability.

I have corrected the formatting of the Issues that were
posted to IssueTracker by Tim Daly. He was in a hurry and
did not let anyone no that he was going to copy emails
directly into the IssueTracker without reformatting.

> PB> Why are you spaming the issuetracker with so many poorly
> PB> formatted emails from axiom-developer email list?
> Do you mean that when I send messages to address@hidden
> they go automatically to IssueTracker?

No. It was my mistake. Messages sent to axiom-developer do *not*
automatically go to IssueTracker. It is the other way around. All
postings to IssueTracker will also be forwarded to axiom-developer.

> If it is the case, I certainly did not expect this. In such a case
> what should I do to use only emails for correspondence and keep the
> things clean? (I get accustomed to e-mail messages and at my slow &
> costly dial-up I anyway cannot afford to fiddle around with
> IssueTracker)

You are doing the correct thing now except that once you are
satisfied that what you have discussed by email is a bug or is
potentially very confusing, then you should transfer a short
summary of the discussion to IssueTracker. IssueTracker is the
source of information for people who will (eventually) correct
the bugs. If there is no record in IssueTracker then it is quite
possible that the bug will be forgotten and never fixed - all
your hard work would then be lost.

> What is maybe free for you, I get out of my pocket to help
> the Axiom Developers in their grand task.

Unfortunately not free for me either.

> PB> Also, it would be very nice if you would identify yourself
> PB> to the system by setting 'preferences' before issuing so
> PB> many messages so that we can be sure who to 'blame'.
> What do you mean by 'preferences'?
> What URL(s) should I use to do it?

'preferences' is a menu item at the top of each page in MathAction.
If you are going to add a record to IssueTracker or edit some other
page on MathAction, you should (but it is not absolutely necessary
to) click on 'preferences' and then enter your name and email address.
That way a record is kept of who created or changed the record.

Bill Page.

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