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RE: [Axiom-developer] Axiom graphics from inside TeXmacs?

From: Bill Page
Subject: RE: [Axiom-developer] Axiom graphics from inside TeXmacs?
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 21:55:22 -0500


With all your efforts to get Axiom working on your system,
you are now further ahead with this than most people. All
I can do at this point is to tell you what I know so far.
If you get some of these things to work, then I will be
happy to try to incorporate them into the TeXmacs Axiom
interface program.

1) TeXmacs can accept postscript format data generated by
   an external program like Axiom. There are some examples
   of this already with other programs that have been
   interfaced to TeXmacs. We will have to study the actual
   code of these other applications since as far as I can
   tell there it very little documentation about how this
   works. However it believe that it is basically just an
   extension of the communication protocol that we are
   already using.

2) The Axiom graphics program runs as a separate process from
   Axiom itself. That you get as far as being able to generate
   an Axiom graphics in an external X-window surprizes me since
   normally the tm_axiom.exe interface program starts only the
   `AXIOMsys' process. Either you have changed the tm_axiom
   program or your must be using a very old version of TeXmacs.
   The old version used to call the `axiom' script instead of
   `AXIOMsys'. Under the most recent source from the axiom--
   main--1 branch calling the `axiom' script also starts
   `sman' and the graphics process.

   If you are using an older version of TeXmacs, I would
   encourage you to upgrade to the latest version as soon
   as possible. There have been a lot of changes in TeXmacs
   of the last year (for the better!) and it is unlikely
   that anything you do with the older version can be easily
   carried over to the new one.

   On the Solaris platform, like on the linux platform, the
   version of tm_axiom that is available does not include
   the kind of nice LaTeX line wrapping like you see in the
   Axiom book. The new version of tm_axiom that is available
   on Windows does include this type of line wrapping and
   very-soon-now I will get around to reverse engineering
   this back to linux and unix. (This is a little involved
   since the new version of tm_axiom on Windows uses native
   Windows process threads.)

3) The Axiom graphics process has the ability to create a
   postscript format output file containing the graphic.
   This can be initiated from the user interface of the
   graphics window or also from an Axiom command. Check "Chapter
   7 Graphics" of the Axiom book, specifically section "7.1.8
   Operations for Two-Dimensional Graphics", `write' operation.
   It works something like this:

     viewPort := draw(sin x, x=-%pi..%pi)
     write(viewPort, "","postscript")
   These commands can be included directly in the TeXmacs

4) Even if the process isn't automatic, you should be able
   to do the above and then "import" the postscript file
   into TeXmacs. If this works for you, then I am quite sure
   that we will be able to make it completely automatic by
   some additional programming in the new tm_axiom program.

Please let me know if these details help and if you manage
to generate and import an Axiom graphic into TeXmacs.

Bill Page.

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> Sent: Friday, January 14, 2005 5:02 PM
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> Subject: [Axiom-developer] Axiom graphics from inside TeXmacs?
> Does anyone know if it is possible to display Axiom graphics 
> when using
> TeXmacs as the front end?  I.e. I type "draw(x, x=0..1)" in TeXmacs,
> I see the output in an X-window.
>                               Kostas
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