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[Axiom-developer] axiom--main--1--patch-25

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] axiom--main--1--patch-25
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 20:26:01 -0500

I sent this out before but it appears to have been swallowed.

axiom--main--1--patch-25 is up on the arch server.

This is a merge of --main and --windows. 
Not all of the changes were merged.
This version will serve as the proposed February 2005 version
to be pushed on to the savannah and sourceforge websites.

In particular, this version has

(a) integrated hypertex and graphics into axiom command
(b) a new, simplified(?) src/algebra/Makefile
(c) fixes to the algebra for the bugs listed in:

     src/input/bug10069.input.pamphlet added
     src/input/bug10312.input.pamphlet added
     src/input/bug6357.input.pamphlet added
     src/input/bug9057.input.pamphlet added
     src/input/negfloats.input.pamphlet added

(d) Makefile.gentoo subsection in Makefile.pamphlet
     use AXIOM=`pwd`/mnt/gentoo

(e) Makefile.solaris9 subsection in Makefile.pamphlet

     use AXIOM=`pwd`/mnt/solaris9
     Note that this does not yet have all of Kostas' fixes applied

(f) updated FAQ
(g) changes for MSYSplatform in lib, sman, etc
(h) common lisp patches
(i) clef (edible.c) changes
(j) SRCDIRS variable in Makefile.pamphlet
     this allows various platforms to skip unimplemented features
     (like hyperdoc and graphics on windows)

There are still things to be done but this version has been tested
and committed.

Please use the Issue Tracker page to report issues and bugs at:


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