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[Axiom-developer] Re: Axiom book

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Axiom book
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 16:50:36 -0500


There are now three distinct meanings for "the axiom book".

Meaning 1: The printed version, although this is the least likely
meaning at the moment.

Meaning 2: the big book.pamphlet file which is distributed with
the axiom system and is also in book--main--1. This is the latest
version of the information in a single form.

Meaning 3: there has been considerable discussion about actually
publishing the axiom book (under meaning 2) at a site called which is an internet publisher.

Several issues have arisen which are shaping the future direction(s?):

We've discovered that lulu has certain constraints. There is a 700
page limit. Since the main book is 1000+ pages this is a problem.
the solution which we've adopted is to break the book into (originally
3, now 4) parts: 
  vol1 (tutorial), 
  vol2 (programming),
  vol3 (reference)
  vol4 (developer guide)
with possible follow-on volumes, such as one based on Littlewood's
Skeleton Key of Mathematics book. I have yet to hear back about the
copyright issue and I'll pursue that further.

I've done some work to fragment the main book into 4 parts and a
small amount of work on the first volume. But it became apparent 
that the tutorial volume assumed that hyperdoc was available so 
I've been bending the sails to get that to run. The February 2005
monthly axiom release will have hyperdoc and graphics integrated
(and the latest axiom--main--1 version already has this).

As we get the various volumes into reasonable shape we will be in
a position where people can actually order hard copies of the volumes.
There has been talk of offering a CD with the tutorial volume. The
big problem is that requires a pre-order of 100 copies
if this option is chosen.

I also spent a few days and recovered the "end papers" from the 
hardcopy book, encoded as "endpaper.pamphlet".

On another path there is work going on (off list) with another 
person to put together a linear algebra course using hyperdoc
which might result in another small volume. 

I'm hoping the littlewood book will also act as a seed for a
volume which approaches the subject more from the mathematics
than from the 'axiom' side. 

I have a couple other books I'm also looking at, for example, in
differential equations (Krantz, Steven "Differential Equations
DeMYSTiFieD", McGraw-Hill, 2005, ISBN 0-07-144025-9). I have this in
my local code swamp but have not yet added it to the book branch.

Another path to be pursued is to contact and cooperate with
to organize axiom discussions relative to published standards.
This is also of interest for the CATS (Computer Algebra Test
Suite) effort which I still have to upload to the arch server.

Does anyone happen to know Dr. Rusin?

To build the current version of the work do:

tla get book--main--1
cd book--main--1--patch*

As Bill mentioned, you should look at
and follow the instructions at the bottom of the page for getting a key
generated. This will give you direct read-write access to the book.


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