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From: kratt6
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [AxiomDevelopment]
Date: Fri, 14 Jan 2005 03:49:22 -0600

-- The "foundations":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations of Axioms development model
-- "Why Arch":ArchRationale?
-- "Using Arch":ArchUsage
This page is intended for developers and those who want to join.

Tim thought a lot about the "foundations":AxiomDevelopmentFoundations of Axioms 
development model. Axiom development is done via Arch, and Tim also explained 
"why":ArchRationale. "Using Arch":ArchUsage is not that difficult, fortunately.

Here you can get an overview of what to do, and where to discuss issues with 

Axiom [Design Issues]

  Well, design issues...

<A name="bugsandpatches">Axiom 
"bugs": and 
"patches": </A>

  Sure you want to "fix":DebuggingAxiom one of these, don't you? Alternatively, 
you can browse through <A name="WesterCritique">
"A Critique of the Mathematical Abilities of CA 
and add those to the bug list, Axiom still cannot do, or worse, does 

You can apply the patches by saying something like::

    cp axiom/mnt/linux/src/algebra/combfunc.spad .
    patch combfunc.spad combfout.patch
    )co combfunc.spad

The next time you use Axiom, you simply say ')lib COMBF' to use the patched 

Axiom [TodoList]

  Working towards the next Axiom Release

Axiom [Found Objects]

  This is a collection of pages I found on the web, which may contain useful 

Axiom Mailinglists and IRC Channel

  Several ways to contact the community are available. There is an irc channel 
where developers can find other developers. It is:: 

  The mailinglists are:
  Discussion of math theory and philosophy related to Axiom

  General discussion on Axiom

  When you have issues to compile Axiom or with Axiom internals

  All legal issues, like license issues

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