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[Axiom-developer] [Axiom-mail] RE: Axiom Users, Axiom Programmers and A

From: Bill Page
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [Axiom-mail] RE: Axiom Users, Axiom Programmers and Axiom Developers
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 13:41:29 -0600

Axiom *

I forget one thing when I described the additional programs
that are needed to support Axiom programming under Windows.
Axiom Programmers should (optional for Axiom Users and
mandatory for Axiom Developers) also install support for
LaTeX. Of course it is essential that developers, programmers
and even Axiom users devote as much effort as possible to
preparing accurate and easy to read documentation, otherwise
a great deal of effort and intellectual investment in can
be quickly lost.

Axiom Users can also optionally use TeXmacs

to interact with Axiom and to prepare high quality mathematical

The standard form for all Axiom programs and documentation is
the noweb extension of LaTeX (called "pamphlet files" in Axiom
terminology). Pamphlet files contain both documentation and the
program code itself. This format is used for all internal Axiom
coding and the entire Algebra library. It is expected that new
Algebra that is intended by it's author to be shared with other
Axiom users will also be prepared in pamphlet format.

Unfortunately pamphlet format is not (yet) fully supported by

There are several Windows compatible versions of LaTeX to choose
from. The one that I have used very successfully is MikTeX
( ). To install MikTeX click

and follow the instructions. If your computer is connected to
the Internet then the "small" version (small-miktex-2.4.1705.exe)
will be sufficient for use with Axiom.

For Windows users who have no previous experience with LaTeX
(and even if you do) I would also recommend that you install
a good LaTeX-aware text editor. See

One of the easiest to use and completely open source is

Click 'download' and select "TeXnicCenter Setup, Version 1
beta ...". This is a self-installing file. If you install
TeXnicCenter after MikTeX, it will be automatically configured
to support MikTeX.

TeXnicCenter is very easy to use for LaTeX beginners and
it is will supported by it's developers and the users group.
It is also quite easily configured to support LaTeX extensions
such as noweb.

Bill Page.

On Wednesday, January 12, 2005 9:33 PM I wrote:
> What besides the contents of the mnt directory is
> required before one can compile library files? Well,
> just the C compiler, of course. On windows the
> minimum additional software that has to be installed
> is called MinGW ( ) and consists
> of the "mingw-runtime, w32api, binutils and gcc tarball
> packages" from ( ):
> You need to download each of these files and unzip them
> (using a Windows shareware (evaluation version) program
> like WinZip
> or other free equivalent will do) directly into the::
>   mnt/windows
> directory, the root of your Axiom installation. This is
> the most convenient place because the Axiom installation
> has already added this location to the path that allows
> your system to find and execute this programs.
> FINALLY, there is one more thing that you need add. One of
> the unix compatibility programs called rm.exe is missing
> from::
>   mnt/windows/bin
> Click on
> and choose "Save As". Locate the `mnt\windows\bin'
> directory and click Save.
> Now at last you have a Windows Axiom Programmer's system
> configuration. You will be able to create, modify and
> compile spad files to create your own customized mathematical
> library.

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