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From: kratt6
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [AxiomDevelopmentFoundations]
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 10:47:46 -0600

-<h1>Arch? ARCH?! We don't need arch!!!</h1>
-Why arch? Why not CVS? I've been using CVS for the past few years and
-now I've run into the same problem that the Linux kernel people
-solved. The problem is that CVS is unable to handle "changesets" and
-"branching" easily. EASILY. Arch can.
-Changesets are a group of changes to several files that are all handled
-as one big change. Thus if we make a fix that involves 10 files we can
-apply and retract the changes all at one time. This is technically 
-possible with CVS if you carefully tag every file before applying the
-change. However there are thousands of files in axiom and mistakes
-are very hard to correct. Arch allows this to occur as one command.
-So CVS treats each file change as different and arch combines many
-semantically-related changes into one "changeset".
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