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From: kratt6
Subject: [Axiom-developer] [AxiomDocumentation]
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 09:46:43 -0600

-Cette page a été renommée en «axiom documentation and community». Vous pouvez 
supprimer celle-ci si elle n'est plus requise.
This information was last updated on Oct 24, 2004 

This TODO list represents abbreviated notes to categorize the work directions
and note progress (completed items have a - prefix). Items are expanded as
the work thread moves into that subject. There is no priority and no schedule.
The ratio is (# of completed task per section)/(total completed tasks) and
is a measure of the ratio of effort between areas. Completed tasks are marked
with a - in column 1 (+ indicates changes since last update)

There are approximately 285 tasks listed. These tasks are broken into the
following groups:

 Pristine sources is the main thread of developing Axiom
 Splits are pieces of work to give away
 Joins are pieces of work to incorporate or cooperate with
 New Development is a list of ideas for new directions or needed work
 Research is a list of ideas that need investigation
 Community is a list of supporting tasks for the algebra community

 Motivation: create a new source tree and slowly migrate original NAG/IBM
             sources into the tree. This will ensure that only things that
             are properly required, used and tested get shipped. Further
             ensure that everything exists under make/cvs control.
- create top level directories
- create top level makefile
- build src
-  build lisp
-   hand build lisp
-   integrate into makefile
+    /spad/lsp/gcl/h/386-linux.defs has EXTRAS code that refs ${OBJ}/${SYS}
+    this code needs to be compiled before the gcl image is linked
+    this code needs to be compiled for specific systems
+    split the gcl changes out as patches to apply to the zip file
-   rebuild automatically
-    integrate the unzip
-    integrate the patching
-    automate the build
-  build bootsys
-   hand build bootsys
-  integrate into makefile
-   rebuild automatically
-   rewrite into pamphlets 
-  build depsys
-   hand build depsys
-   integrate into makefile
+   rebuild automatically
+   rewrite into pamphlets
+  build interpsys
+   hand build interpsys
+     fix bicase issue
+     fix missing symbols in runtime issue
+   integrate into makefile
+   rebuild automatically
+   rewrite into pamphlets
+  build algebra
+   hand build interpsys
+   integrate into makefile
+   rebuild automatically
+   rewrite into pamphlets
+  build tests 
+   hand build tests
+   integrate into makefile
+   rebuild automatically
+   rewrite into pamphlets
+  destroy and rebuild automatically
-  build CVS
+  import /spad
+ investigate automake
- obtain license
+ move to Savannah
+ develop compile farm
  expand configure
  port to MAC OSX
+ recover graphics
  recover sman
  recover hyperdoc
  recover numerics
  recover regression testing
  port to Windows
  port to MAC

SPLITS (2/108)
 Motivation: several pieces of the system have nothing to do with algebra
             and either have old technology that needs to be rewritten or
             common technology that ought to be contributed to other efforts.

  Motivation: hypertex was pre-browser technology. It should be rewritten
              to fit into today's technology. At least HTML, possibly XML.
+ This work has forked into two paths. The first path is to recreate the
+ browser from the hypertex sources. The second path is to rebuild the
+ whole effort into a standard browser-based tool. Ultimately this will
+ probably get merged with the Doyen science platform effort based on
+ Bill Page's wiki work.
  Recreate Hypertex
  Create standard browser
    create standalone wiki version
    merge into Doyen

  Motivation: asq is pre-javadoc. It should be rewritten to fit into the
              browser/tex new world of docs
+ The ASQ tool needs to get redone so that standard html pages get built
+ during system build and made available. They should have a javadoc-like
+ look and feel.
  Create ASQ-HTML page generator

  Motivation: plot has nothing to do with algebra but has some nice features
              such as data feedback from graph manipulation. These facilities
              should be moved to Gnuplot and the plot function retargetted.
+ The graphics have been rebuilt and currently work. The graphics can only
+ be run from a file at the moment because the connecting process, called
+ sman, which manages all of the axiom processes is not yet working again.
  Rebuild sman
  Connect sman to graphics
  Connect graphics to gnuplot

  Motivation: the time has come for 2d input. TeXmacs provides this. There
              needs to be a much tighter integration of TeXmacs and Axiom.
   Connect to TeXmacs community
-  Build TeXmacs on Linux
-  Build TexMacs on Cygwin
   Build TexMacs on Windows
+  The 2D I/O direction has changed. The current plan is to use Bill Page's
+  wiki mechanism as a universal front-end to Axiom.
+  Call Axiom from Wiki page

  Motivation: Rosetta should not exist. Algebra syntax should standardize.
              Existing committee work needs feedback from Axiom.

  Motivation: Algebra needs a hand-verified test suite which ought to be
              shared with other computer algebra systems. Needs a common
              syntax, could be a driver for previous item.

JOINS (2/108)
 Motivation: there are several CA systems with very interesting features
             and/or algebra. Axiom needs to import these ideas or find
             ways to cooperate with these projects.

  Motivation: GAP has much stronger facilities for manipulating groups.
              Axiom can do group manipulation but GAP needs to be studied.

  Motivation: Octave has the capability to be a replacement for the NAG
              numeric libraries. Either an interface has to be retargetted
              or the code has to be ported to Aldor or Lisp.
-  Test rewriting Fortran code into Aldor
+  BLAS converted to pamphlet form
   BLAS integrated into Axiom

  Motivation: Magnus is strong in infinite group theory. Like GAP it needs
              to be studied and imported.
-  Discussion and proposal for work in this area with CCNY
+  Magnus is being rebuilt as a literate program and will eventually be
+  merged with Axiom
   Rebuild Magnus as a literate program
   Extract and categorize the magnus algorithms
   Provide Axiom implementations of the algorithms

  Motivation: Internal representation of polynomials that can be scaled to
              ~250k terms needs to be imported.

  Motivation: External basis representation of large polynomials needs to
              be imported.

  Motivation: Workbooks need to be imported.


  Motivation: in order to allow users to use the system we need to collect
              and organize the documentation and help facilities.
+ The Axiom book was rewritten and is now available as part of the normal
+ distribution. 

  Motivation: in order to allow multiple developers to work on the system
              the structure of the system needs to be explained.
-  Directory structure
-   document shell script
   Makefile structure
-   document how the makefile tree works
-  Lisp structure
   src structure
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