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Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: algebra Makefiles with explicitdependencies, b

From: Stephen Wilson
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] RE: algebra Makefiles with explicitdependencies, bootstrap, fixed-points etc.
Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 16:43:13 -0500
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Tim, Bill,

An update on the bootstrap issue. 

I built a fresh system with updated bootstrap code. This is the code
generated by the fixed point build.

The fixedPoint script identifies RECLOS and ROIRC among the domains
which change after the second iteration of the fixed point
build. These are the _only_ domains which achieve the second iteration
form with the updated bootstrap code (after a single pass). All other
domains are built in exactly the same way. Tonight, I will run a
second iteration build to see if the previous `fixed point' which we
arrived at has changed.

With the fixedPoint script, I noticed that the old database
directories, DEPENDENTS.DAASE and USERS.DAASE, under int/algebra, are
not removed in preparation for the second iteration. Am I mistaken in
thinking that this will influence the subsequent compilation? It is
the only thing I can think of which might explain why the build with
the new bootstrap code is so dissimilar to the second-iteration
fixedPoint build.

I have not had much time, but I did briefly look at a few domain
vectors which are now generated under this new build. Here I see
differences which were not present in the other two builds. Things
have changed in a subtle way. I hope to find the time over the next
few days to examine these changes more throughly.

Let me summarize what I've noticed as being problematic in the old
bootstrap code:

  SINT is missing a definition for `one?'.

  EUCDOM- is missing a definition for `expressIdealMember'.

  TSETCAT- is missing entirely.

I would be pleasantly surprised if this list is complete.

I'll try an pull more information together to help better understand
what is happening, and why.


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