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Re[2]: [Axiom-developer] Issue tracker: Language selection

From: Vladimir Bondarenko
Subject: Re[2]: [Axiom-developer] Issue tracker: Language selection
Date: Sun, 9 Jan 2005 07:36:43 +0200

VB>> I would take the opportunity to tell that I find Axiom developers
VB>> a very warm and friendly group, excellent, the only bad point is
VB>> that here money are not paid ;)

ThD> There is wealth here, not measured by money.

ThD> We are pushing forward the field of computational mathematics and
ThD> have the opportunity to do it "in the early years", in the
ThD> company of clever and dedicated people who do it for the love of
ThD> it. It is a rare and wonderful opportunity for which I am
ThD> extremely grateful.

ThD> Tim

Haven't you seen my ";)" symbol?


Actually, not all I say should be always taken in earnest. Having read
Axiom Developers' dialogues I see that, just as I expect, you folks
have also nice sense of humor, so I just added my 2 cents to this most
valuable air of freedom and joy, the essences without which the AXIOM
real progress and success are unthinkable.

At any rate, I like very much your remark. Your attitude to
computational math is very close to mine.

I am pushing forward - let me say these words publicly for the first
time - the emerging field of computational quality assurance and have
the honor to be the Father of this new discipline, in the company of a
clever and dedicated person (I myself) who do it for the love of it
and understanding of the needs of society of the XXI century. It is a
unique opportunity for which I am, just like you, grateful beyond
limits. I am lucky to be born just in my time. My behavior is driven
by a grand goal, one of my dreams, a sub-part of this goal, is to help
building really powerful computer algebra systems of new generation,
to make them an influential tool of our cognition, a tool to yoke the
forces of nature, a tool to enjoy intellectual math aerobatics, an
intelligent helper using which a new Ramanujan, in a flight of his
inspiration, will discover novel, divine math transformations and
identities and concepts.

If your words do reflect your idea of my activity as being directed
for money, just like RJF 10 years ago, you maybe do not realize fully
that, unlike you with about 5000 USD a months, I live in the country
where my parents are forced to live at 120 USD a month, together. This
is 30+ times lesser.

Ask himself, how much satisfied would be you at such sum (God forbid!

There were many days over the last 10 years when my daily meal
consisted of 3 glasses of tomato juice of 230 ml, plus 500 grams of

I personally need money not for myself but to support my programmers,
parents and kids. To support the modern computer algebra, to support,
in particular, your AXIOM.

Via my computational flair, outstanding diligence, and iron will I am
going to transform the current mire of (implementation of) computer
algebra. with 5,000 Maple bugs - a major
update is coming - is just the very beginning. Fasten your seat belts,

To start with, do you realize that actually AXIOM Computer Algebra
System, Version of Wednesday December 15, 2004 at 00:50:38
has at least thousands distinct bugs?


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