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Re: [Axiom-developer] TeX for TeXmacs for Axiom

From: Eugene Surowitz
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] TeX for TeXmacs for Axiom
Date: Sat, 08 Jan 2005 15:45:28 -0500
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I see that I omitted a dash; my original note should have read "Microsoft-style activation"; I don't know who actually invented the pattern of installation but I first came across it with
Windows XP; other major products now use some flavor of "activation" now.

The procedure generally runs this way:

1. Obtain product at store or online;
I say obtain as online sites frequently will provide an "evaluation copy" that will be
   executable for some period of time.
2. Upon paying for the product, the purchaser of the license receives an "activation code" which is entered on demand to keep the product running or to get it running in the first place. Store bought copies typically come with the activation code somewhere in the package.

The PCTeX product that I referred to uses such a protocol.
PCTeX  is  the major product of Personal TeX Inc:
They have been in business since about 1985; I've been a user of the product nearly as long. Roughly speaking PCTeX is an environment for writing TeX/LaTeX documents which
includes an editor with postscript or dvi output generated by a TeX.

To the best of my knowledge it does not incorporate any mechanism to invoke
an algebraic computation system; I have no idea how that could be done.
Maybe I'll ask them.

Which of course brings me to TeXmacs; I just installed it.

My initial experience was being slightly disconcerted by its suggesting that it might want to build some fonts from scratch since there are TeX font and Windows fonts
in abundance.

Bill's comment that implies that TeXmacs only requires TeX's font set to be
in "the standard location" suggests that some how TeXmacs would need to be told where they are; I'm not too fond of putting products in "Program Files" on C:

Cheers, Eugene Surowitz

root wrote:


I'm unfamiliar with either PCTeX or "style activation protocols".
Perhaps you could write up a couple paragraphs that we could add
to the documentation about this. I'm unable to do it as I don't
have the tools or environment.


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