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Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: literate programming pamphlet files for MathAc

Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] Re: literate programming pamphlet files for MathAction
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 10:24:32 +0200
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Hi Martin,

It is not exactly clear what you want, but if it is just for the purpose of editing .pamphlet files, there is already some support for Aldor code edited in Emacs. See or

However, I don't like the #pile mode of Aldor/Axiom very much. This might cause some problems with syntax highlighting.

My mode even seems to work in connection with the Emacs noweb-mode, so it should even highlight code within pamphlet files. You should put something like this

%EMACS Local Variables:
%EMACS mode: noweb
%EMACS noweb-code-mode: aldor-mode

At the end of each pamphlet file or use other methods to convince Emacs to load the right mode if it displays a .pamphlet file.

Jinlong Cai <address@hidden> wrote another aldor-mode which is certainly more advanced than mine, since it incorporates support for the Aldor debugger. However, I haven't seen his mode openly available.

There are some attempts to extract the ++ and +++ documentation from Aldor .asy files and transform them finally to html. This goes under the name AldorDoc, but is not very much advance yet. Unfortunately, Yannis Chicha has no time to make progress with AldorDoc.

But appart from syntax highlighting there is another question which is still to be discussed. "What kind of structure should ++ comments have?" Note that if these documentation comments are processed automatically, there should be some tags so that the documentation compiler knows where to link some names to or how to typeset certain pieces of the documentation. Personally, I would very much like to get the functionality of JavaDoc, but unfortunately ++ comments might become unreadable in the .pamphlet file (which is undesirable). But here people of Axiom and Aldor should work together so that they come up with ONE nice suggestion and program that produces a online version of the category hierarchy similar to JavaDoc or AlDoc (see

Aldoc ( (in contrast to AldorDoc) unfortunately does NOT use the ++ comments but uses LaTeX code embedded in the .as files.


Martin Rubey wrote:
Yet another suggestion:

In Axiom (and Aldor) code, there are two types of comments: -- and ++.

The first tells the compiler to throw the comment away, the latter to keep
it. It seems that there are programs that can use these "descriptions", I
suppose Hyperdoc is one. More precisely: +++ tells the compiler that the
comment concerns the next name, ++ concerns the preceding name.

I thus suggest a tiny bit of syntax highlighting: It would be great if the
++(+) comments would be printed a *little* differnent than the rest of the
code, maybe in italic or a different color. (Since the often contain code, they
need to be printed in the same font as code.)

The -- comments often contain old code, so maybe a "lighter" face would be
appropriate. Those -- comments that explain the code will vanish and merge into
the pamphlet style documentation, I suspect.


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