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[Axiom-developer] Re: Your current Axiom bug list is far far too short t

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] Re: Your current Axiom bug list is far far too short to be trusted
Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 09:09:25 -0400

> By some technical reasons, right away I'd strongly
> prefer to work with Windows version.
> Do you currently have Axiom for Windows?
> If not, when do you think Axiom for Windows could be available?

Axiom does not yet run on Windows. The port is "in plan" but has
not happened yet. I won't have access to a Windows machine until
we get the open source lab up and running which won't be for
another few weeks.

> I'd say these 52 entries makes a kind of toy Axiom bug list.
> In my opinion, if you want to make Axiom reliable and mathematically
> correct, you might be interesting in a more solid bug list.
> If you do not want to get Axiom tested by my environment, no
> problem, just tell me this explicitly, so I'd not bother you
> in the future.

erm...ok. it's open source. find a bug. report it. send a patch
that fixes it and I'll incorporate it. if not, I'll fix it as
soon as I can. Most bugs don't get posted because I'm the one
who knows what the bug is and I fix them as I find them. The 
most active developers usually send me mail directly rather than
use the bug list.

Are you suggesting that the length of a bug list is in some
way related to the quality of software? I'd welcome any testing
you're willing to do on Axiom. It certainly needs more testing
and there are certainly more bugs. But the code has been around
for 30 years so it doesn't have the typical "startup" bug profile.

See the archives for this mailing list related to the CATS 
(Computer Algebra Test Suite) effort.


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