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Re: [Axiom-developer] FeynCalc -> MAXIMA

From: root
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] FeynCalc -> MAXIMA
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 00:00:52 -0400

> > The pamphlet is intended to reference other pamphlets thru the
> > bibliogrphy. Pamphlets are intended to stay very close to the
> > what scientists know and extending it carefully. The next step
> > is to introduce semantic latex tags like \concept{ }
> So, it won't be possible to load the pamphlet from the paper into Axiom
> and have the algorithm(s) defined there available? 

ummm, pamphlets contain the algorithms. If they reference other 
algorithms it would be thru the bibliograpy. I have a bibtex file
for the current Axiom pamphlets but have not yet incorporated it
into the released build.

The comment about "staying close to what scientists know" is a 
reference to the fact that most papers today use TeX. The noweb
technology by Norman Ramsey make some very simple extensions to
the TeX markup to support literate programs. So a pamphlet without
code is essentially a TeX document. Adding code requires learning
two new markup tags and two commands and now you can extract the
code (the notangle command) and extract the paper (the noweave command).

The comment about \concept{} is a reference to the fact that TeX
is a syntactic markup. I want to extend TeX with semantic markup
tags. These would not affect the print format of a paper. However
they would tag "concepts" that would be pushed into a semantic
network (ref: KROPS, my pre-axiom area of research). This would
allow us to search papers for ideas rather than strings.

> > erm,... I retype the papers from pdf format to TeX format and then
> > include the code (making it a pamphlet). Almost no-one posts TeX
> > so there appears to be no choice. Fateman has been looking at
> > recognizers for file formats but a push to collect and store the TeX
> > files would save a tremendous amount of time. In the last year I've
> > retyped approx 500 pages of pdf to TeX. 

> Ouch.  What I ment though was when you said there were 1100 domains in
> Axiom with no theoretical documentation - is that what the paper
> conversion is addressing?

Yes. I have permission to use several phd thesis papers and several
research papers but some of them were either professionally typeset
or done in other markup languages (such as IBM script) so there is no 
TeX available. I'm hand-typing them back into TeX and combining them
with the domains they document. See dhmatrix.spad.pamphlet which is
from Richard Paul's PhD thesis in robotics and documents 
Denavit-Hartenberg Matrices, a special kind of homogeneous
transformation matrix implemented in Axiom. I really wish authors
would adopt the open source model and publish the raw TeX documents.


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