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Re: [Axiom-developer] OpenMath

From: Camm Maguire
Subject: Re: [Axiom-developer] OpenMath
Date: 18 May 2004 17:16:18 -0400
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C Y <address@hidden> writes:

> --- root <address@hidden> wrote:
> > BF,
> > 
> > I looked at the website. 
> > I see Maxima is listed under the Mathematics link.
> An Axiom entry would probably also be appropriate.
> > I couldn't find a package for graphics under lisp
> Yes, I don't think there is really a good one yet.  McCLIM has some
> sort of 2D graphing capabilities under development, but I don't know
> much about it - scigraph I think they call it?
> > but I found out that there is a tcl/tk toolkit link in GCL.
> Eurrrg.  I don't know if that has been tested in a serious way in
> years.  I recall some discussion about it a while back on the gcl
> archives - Camm, if you're on this list can you give us a status
> update?

There was a serious user of gcl-tk on the gcl list recently.  To my
knowledge the interface is quite servicable.  There is nothing
particularly gcl specific about the tk interface code to my
knowledge.  And TK itself is likely far more portable and widely used
than McCLIM, even perhaps than lisp in general :-).

There is also cl-gtk, which works in GCL.

The big issue in my eyes here is that no one likely wants to be a GUI
expert, so something that is as trouble free as possible has a higher
premium than something elegant or advanced in terms of UI concepts.
So honestly I think the best route for newish projects is to use
cl-gtk, relying on the enormous user base of gtk, the compiled
efficiency of the code, and friendly tools like glade for making user
interfaces graphically.  On ecan even change the UI with a runtime
sources xml type file.  

Lisp is so great in general that there is an aversion to doing things
outside it, but I think this can just slow things down after a point. 

Take care,

> I don't know if tcl/tk is the best environment for a notebook interface
> - it would probably be difficult to port a gcl/tcl/tk GUI to other
> lisps.  If only gcl support is important than it might be a way to go. 
> Otherwise, if a cross-implimentation UI must be developed I'd recommend
> McCLIM over tcl/tk - IIRC dealing with the tcl/tk code in xmaxima
> wasn't much fun.
> > Once I figure out how to handle the sockets issue I'll look
> > into the tck/tk link. Thanks for the ref.
> Since Maxima is GPL I guess the socket code itself can't be used, but
> you might be able to use the technique?
> Maybe this would also be of help:
> CY
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