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[Axiom-developer] creating high quality pdf files

From: Bertfried Fauser
Subject: [Axiom-developer] creating high quality pdf files
Date: Mon, 3 May 2004 19:48:21 +0200 (CEST)

Dear Tim,

there was an discussion about creating high quality pdf files from TeX
source (respectively ps files). I benefitted from a short Makefile a
colleague of mine, Jan Kruerger, hacked in to compile his thesis.
        The relevat part for teh AXIOM book is the one which gives the
options to the p2pdf command, so that good 1.3 fonts (thumbnails etc) are
created. pdfs created this way look quite good.

Perhaps this helps for texing a smoth pdf version of teh AXIOM book, which
could be uploaded to svannah's file area?


% PD Dr Bertfried Fauser
%       Institution: Max Planck Institut for Mathematics Leipzig 
%       Privat Docent: University of Konstanz, Physics Dept 
% contact |->    URL :
%             E-Mail : address@hidden (address@hidden)
%              Phone : Leipzig +49 341 9959 735  Konstanz +49 7531 693491

====== Makefile by Jan Krueger ==========
= edit all places wher <...> occures
= make (does a coplete TeXing, including index, bibtex, etc
= make clean  (obvious)
= make pdf (creates pdf-files from ps source)

# $Id: Makefile,v 1.8 2004/04/28 date owner Exp $

MAINTEXFILE = <filename>

all: dvi pspdf

world: dvi pdf ps

        rm -f ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps ${MAINTEXFILE}.pdf 
                ${MAINTEXFILE}.log ${MAINTEXFILE}.lof ${MAINTEXFILE}.toc 
                ${MAINTEXFILE}.bbl ${MAINTEXFILE}.blg ${MAINTEXFILE}.ind 
                ${MAINTEXFILE}.ilg ${MAINTEXFILE}.out ${MAINTEXFILE}.bak *.log

dvi: ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi

pdf: ${MAINTEXFILE}-fromps.pdf

pspdf: ${MAINTEXFILE}-fromps.pdf


        latex ${MAINTEXFILE}.tex
        latex ${MAINTEXFILE}.tex

${MAINTEXFILE}.bbl: <bibtex_database>.bib
        latex ${MAINTEXFILE}.tex
        bibtex ${MAINTEXFILE}

        latex ${MAINTEXFILE}.tex
        makeindex ${MAINTEXFILE}

${MAINTEXFILE}-fromps.pdf: ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi
        dvips -Ppdf -G0 ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi -o ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps
        ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -dMaxSubsetPct=100 -dCompatibilityLevel=1.3 \
                -dSubsetFonts=true -dEmbedAllFonts=true ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps \
# this line may make troubles but is not really needed
#       thumbpdf --modes=dvips ${MAINTEXFILE}.pdf
        latex ${MAINTEXFILE}.tex
        dvips -Ppdf -G0 ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi -o ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps
# on my box pdftime is not installed
#       pdftime ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps
        ps2pdf -sPAPERSIZE=a4 -dMaxSubsetPct=100 -dCompatibilityLevel=1.3 \
                -dSubsetFonts=true -dEmbedAllFonts=true ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps \
        mv ${MAINTEXFILE}.pdf <final_filename>.pdf
        cp <final_filename>.pdf /publishin?directory/
        rm ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps
        dvips ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi -o ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps

        dvips ${MAINTEXFILE}.dvi -o ${MAINTEXFILE}.ps

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