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[Axiom-developer] pamphlet-noweb-latex

From: Wolfgang Zocher
Subject: [Axiom-developer] pamphlet-noweb-latex
Date: 20 Oct 2003 22:28:38 +0200
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Hi all,

when I produce tex-files from algebra-pamphlets the \spad - command and
commands like \em, \tt etc. are going to deliver wrong representations in the
resulting latex-file, i.e. \spad {G} is translated to \\spad\{G\}. This is
obviously wrong - the first form (\spad {G}) or {\spad G} is right. 

Inspection of noweb.sty shows that the characters \ and {} have a special
meaning and it seems to me that this must be wrong. However, I'm very new to
literate programming and all the tools belonging to LP. 

Is there anybody out there who can clarify this issue??

Thanks and regards

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