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[Axiom-developer] literate programs

From: Tim Daly
Subject: [Axiom-developer] literate programs
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 2003 14:29:23 -0400

I claim that Axiom is different from most programs. Most programs
can be supported by inline comments. Java code (sorry Bill) is
a good example. The Javadoc mechanism is sufficient to document
the various class files in a disciplined way. I can generally
figure out how to use a class given the Javadoc.

Axiom is different. Axiom programming requires that you understand
both math and computer science. You need to understand the math theory
to make, modify, and maintain the math. Javadoc (and inline comments)
will not be sufficient. 

I also claim (as long as I'm making wild, unsubstantiated claims)
that all computational mathematics software will eventually require
literate programming to keep the expertise with the code.

We've all been trained to think of the code as important.
However, in the long term the mathematical and comp-sci research
results are important. The reduction to practice (the code) needs
to evolve and any instance is less important.

re: changing all of the files
At NAG's request I restored all of the original copyright and license
text. It took about a week and touched almost every file. Sorry about 


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