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[Axiom-developer] hascategory bug

From: root
Subject: [Axiom-developer] hascategory bug
Date: Sat, 19 Jul 2003 21:49:34 -0400

Debugsys is supposed to be built as a side-effect of the original make.
Since I'm the only one who has used it so far I haven't seen any 
problems but now I see that it has hard-coded pathnames. You need to
change the pathnames to "/fix/s/camm/axiom/axiom1/new/new/..." and
I need to change the lisp code to call a function which returns the
current pathname. Debugsys.lisp.pamphlet contains the captured commands 
that build an Axiom system. 

I'm unaware of any problems with macros.lisp. The axiom build
loads the macros into the system before compiles happen.

I'll check for the macro table warning but I don't recall ever seeing it.
I'll have to rebuild the system so I'll get back to you after I check
the rebuild.

The "EXIT is being redefined" message has been fixed by your patch
which removed EXIT from the common lisp. I have applied the patch
here but have not yet uploaded the patch.

There are a couple of duplicate function definitions and I have it
on my list of things to fix. I have to compare the definition and
uses of the functions to see how they might have changed and which
definition might be correct.


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