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RE: [patch #7275] Support for parallel port programmers on windows 7 64

From: Marius Greuel
Subject: RE: [patch #7275] Support for parallel port programmers on windows 7 64 bit and other versions of 64 bit windows
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 18:40:24 +0100

> > Follow-up Comment #3:
> > Is this really still relevant, given that parallel-port computers are
> > no longer really available?
> Yes, as InpOut32.dll, available as InpOutX64.dll for a 64-bit version of
> enables redirection of bit-banging to any hardware, not only the parallel
> but also USB-ParallelPrinter converters, without installing a global
> handler (that can do the same job but much slower). InpOut32 is more
> than using giveio.sys but is a bit slower.
> Moreover, true parallel ports are IMHO still available on docking stations
> industrial PCs.

IMHO, we should drop support for parallel ports. I just cannot imagine
anyone still using parallel ports for AVR programming.

I wouldn't object so much against using parallel ports if it would not
require a custom driver on Windows. Giveio.sys was always a terrible hack,
and the patch guard workaround in the x64 variant is even more. It makes
your system unstable and unsecure, and we should not encourage anyone to use

@Henrik: I understand that you invested quite a bit in getting giveio.sys to
work on an x64 Windows (kudos for that), so I understand you personal point
of view.

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