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Introducing SerialUPDI programmer

From: Dawid Buchwald
Subject: Introducing SerialUPDI programmer
Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 12:11:41 +0000


First of all, thank you for accepting me to the mailing list. The reason I 
wanted to join was that I have just started working on an enhancement to 
AVRDUDE to support simple serial-based interface for programming newest AVR 
families that use UPDI protocol. I’m simply curious - would you guys be 
interested in accepting this work, when finished, to the main AVRDUDE codebase?

I can provide more details, should there be interest, but for now I can shortly 
describe the implementation process: I forked 
https://github.com/sigmike/avrdude repo into 
https://github.com/dbuchwald/avrdude, created new programmer definition, and 
started porting official SerialUPDI driver from Microchip 
(https://github.com/microchip-pic-avr-tools/pymcuprog) written in Python to C. 
At this I have completed implementation of physical communication layer, 
datalink layer and abstract readwrite layer and using these I can connect to 
AVR128DB64/28 and retrieve System Information Block.

So, would you be interested in having this feature added to AVRDUDE codebase?

Best regards,
Dawid Buchwald

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