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MacOS Support of Atmel-ICE in PDI mode with LIBHIDAPI (bug)

From: Brian Good
Subject: MacOS Support of Atmel-ICE in PDI mode with LIBHIDAPI (bug)
Date: Thu, 25 Mar 2021 09:40:59 -0400

I am a Mac user with an Atmel-ICE in PDI mode.  Previously I used the signed 
KEXT file to access the Atmel-ICE, but when I upgraded to MacOS Big Sur, this 
no longer worked.  After much searching, I realized avrdude has support for my 
configuration via LIBHIDAPI in the most current code.  When I attempted to use 
that new code, I found a bug.  So here is the bug and a question:

a) Bug
When you install LIBHIDAPI and then build avrdude from the latest version (on a 
Mac), the HID code is not used.  In looking through the code, I see that in 
ac_cfg.h, the variable HAVE_LIBHIDAPI is not set even though configure finds 
the library successfully.  I realized that this is because in configure.ac, the 
required AC_DEFINE command is missing.  Below is a code snippet.  The added 
line is the AC_DEFINE (line 182 in my version of the code).

My version of the code is the latest avrdude I could locate.  It compiles as 
6.3-20210108 and I obtained it from GitHub (github.com/facchinm/avrdude.git).

Updated code below (one line added):

            [Define if HID support is enabled via libhidapi])
for _hidapi_lib in hidapi hidapi-hidraw hidapi-libusb; do
if test x$have_libhidapi = xyes; then
   case $target in
               LIBHIDAPI="-lhidapi -iframework CoreFoundation -framework IOKit"
   AC_DEFINE([HAVE_LIBHIDAPI])  // Added to set define in ac_conf.h

b) Question
Now my newbie question.  It is completely not clear to me where to locate the 
latest build of avrdude.  When I go to the savannah.nongnu.org 
<http://savannah.nongnu.org/> location, all I can see are the completed 
releases (6.3 is the latest).  When I go to GitHub (at the location mentioned 
above), I find newer code but THAT code has a comment in it that it is not as 
up to date as what I can find at savannah.nongnu.org 
<http://savannah.nongnu.org/>.  So I’m a bit perplexed there.

Thanks for your help and for a great product.

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