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[avrdude-dev] Bus Pirate “raw-wire” mode which can run down to 5 kHz

From: Martin Panter
Subject: [avrdude-dev] Bus Pirate “raw-wire” mode which can run down to 5 kHz
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 23:29:25 +0000

Attached is a patch I made to allow me to program an AT tiny 2313
after setting its fuse bits to use the slower (100 kHz?) oscillator.
The normal Bus Pirate SPI mode only goes down to 30 kHz which isn’t
quite slow enough, but my Bus Pirate has another mode which also seems
to do SPI and can run at 5 kHz. Basically, I added an extended
parameter called “khz”, and the next lowest matching frequency is
chosen from the available normal SPI and “raw” mode frequencies.

The patch does not include any documentation changes. Also I used a
few C99 features that GCC allows in its default “gnu90” dialect.

I also made another simple change to reduce the Automake noise. Both
of the changes are at


Attachment: 0001-Use-Bus-Pirate-raw-wire-mode-which-can-run-down-to-5.patch
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