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Re: Saving & retreiving a structure in eeprom

From: Royce Pereira
Subject: Re: Saving & retreiving a structure in eeprom
Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2020 15:50:58 +0530


Sorry, num should be STRU_SIZE.

But that's not the error I'm getting, It's just a typo while pasting a sample code here.

In my actual code I did use STRU_SIZE (not num).

On Wed, 10 Jun 2020 at 00:27, Dave Hansen <iddw@hotmail.com> wrote:
You wrote
>>>   eeprom_read_block((void *)&setPgm, (const void *)eepLoc, num) ;

What is num?


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Subject: Saving & retreiving a structure in eeprom

The MPU is ATMega8. AVR-GCC version is 9.1.0
I have a structure that I'm trying to save (& retrieve in eeprom).
Furthermore, it is to be saved in an indexed location in the eeprom from 0 to 29.
The structure is 4 bytes in size. So total 127 bytes are used in EEPROM
#define EEP_START    7     //offset in EEPROM where my structure storage starts.

typedef struct
   int  temp ;
   unsigned int time ;
} _pgm ;

#define STRU_SIZE    (sizeof(_pgm))

_pgm       setPgm ;       //create struct in RAM.
uint16_t    eepLoc ;   //holds address of EEPROM
uint8_t      index ;      //index to read from in EEPROM...
//save struct from RAM to an indexed location in EEPROM...
void savPgm(char idx)
    eepLoc = EEP_START + ((uint16_t)idx * STRU_SIZE) ;  

    eeprom_write_block((const void *)&setPgm, (void *)eepLoc, STRU_SIZE) ;

   return ;
//Retreive struct from an indexed location in EEPROM....
void getPgm(char idx)
   eepLoc = EEP_START + ((uint16_t)idx * STRU_SIZE) ;  

   eeprom_read_block((void *)&setPgm, (const void *)eepLoc, num) ;

  return ;
int main(void)
index = 5 ;

setPgm.temp = 50 ;
setPgm.time = 10 ;

savPgm(index) ;    //example  .. save in 6th location in EEPROM;

//Now read the saved struct back from eeprom...

// this reads back correctly.:-
setPgm.temp = eeprom_read_word((const uint16_t *)eepLoc) ; //eepLoc was set before.
setPgm.time = eeprom_read_word((const uint16_t *)eepLoc + 1) ;

//But this reads 0xFFFF for both elementss. (Why?):-
getPgm(index) ;  //uses block-read function

return 0 ;
The getPgm function uses the read block api but retreives garbage(0xFFFF);
What am I doing wrong ?

Thank you!
Best Regards,

-- Royce Pereira

Best Regards,

-- Royce Pereira

Best Regards,

-- Royce Pereira

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