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[avr-chat] FTDI bitbang (ft232r / ftdi_syncbb) timing problem i.c.w. ATt

From: Michai Ramakers
Subject: [avr-chat] FTDI bitbang (ft232r / ftdi_syncbb) timing problem i.c.w. ATtiny88, and hang at avrdude exit
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 17:05:37 +0200


I just built an FTDI-based bitbanging programmer using FT232RL in a
pinch, to program an ATtiny88.

It seems that the problem described in


...is still present in avrdude 6.1. (I was surprised it hadn't been
fixed in the meanwhile, or I am overlooking something.)

After applying the patch at the above URL, programming works, however,
avrdude now hangs at program exit. (The above mail hints at that as
being an additional problem; I couldn't find separate info on this.)

The hang seems to be in 'ft245r_close()' (ft245r.c), at the call to

As a test, disabling the calls to 'ftdi_usb_close()' and
'ftdi_deinit()' seem to make the programming work, at least.

Are these known problems? I can provide more information or try to
debug this, if desired.

Thank you in advance,

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