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version dependencies

From: Ferenc Cserepkei
Subject: version dependencies
Date: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 20:37:53 +0200

I'm doing jenkins build of openvswitch-1.11 on a centos 6.4 amd64 host.
Openvswitch coming from git repo has a scrit contains command
autoreconf --install --force

since OVS requires autoconf 2.64+ i have compiled latest autmake, autoconf
and libtool, but still have problems with the autotest part of OVS.

Probably there are more dpendencies. So i have
- automake 1.14
-autoconf 2.69
-libtool 2.4

other stuff, such as bash, sed, grep, awk are the centos 6-4 default. What
is Your recommendation, what else should be upadted? Note that an official
open virtual switch 1.11.0 tarball compiles without any problem, but due to
the currents production envroment we should use the git snapshot, so the
autoreconf way
Thank You:

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