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Re: problem with subdir-objects and not found .Plo files when migrating

From: Sergey 'Jin' Bostandzhyan
Subject: Re: problem with subdir-objects and not found .Plo files when migrating to 1.14
Date: Sun, 1 Sep 2013 18:45:32 +0200
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thanks for your reply, some more questions though:

On Sun, Sep 01, 2013 at 03:08:37PM +0100, Diego Elio Pettenò wrote:
>     Is it possible to keep the logic with the in-tree build directory with
>     automake 1.14? I did try to move all the logic from build/ into
>     the top level and removing build/ completely, but
>     it does not help - .Plo files are not found.
> I'd say it's a very bad idea to use that build/

Could you please elaborate? I'd be interested in the technical details on why
it is a bad idea?
> Move the includes on the top-level, and get rid of $(top_srcdir) 
> on
> all the _SOURCES declaration and it should work fine.

It does compile now, and it does dump all the .o and .lo and what not
in the same directory as the sources - very ugly. This is exactly what I was
avoiding with the separate build directory and it worked just perfectly
until automake 1.14 came along.

Is there any way to tell 1.14 to place the object files into some dedicated
directory without doing an actual "out of tree" build, or in other words,
can I achieve the same setup that I had on 1.14 somehow?

Kind regards,

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