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Texinfo file generation

From: Bob Rossi
Subject: Texinfo file generation
Date: Fri, 30 Dec 2005 16:57:42 -0500
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I'm just beggining to use texinfo with my project ( I was
trying to generate the info/html/pdf version of the documentation. The
automake version I had installed on my debian box was 
  automake (GNU automake) 1.7.9

My looks like:
  info_TEXINFOS = cgdb.texinfo
  cgdb_TEXINFOS = gpl.texi fdl.texi

It generated these rules in the cgdb.texinfo version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  cgdb.dvi: cgdb.texinfo version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  cgdb.pdf: cgdb.texinfo version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  version.texi: @MAINTAINER_MODE_TRUE@ stamp-vti

I was missing the html rule, but noticed that bison had it. So, I
switched to the same version that bison was using, which I think is the
latest version.
  automake (GNU automake) 1.9.6

With this version, my has these rules,
  $(srcdir)/ cgdb.texinfo $(srcdir)/version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  cgdb.dvi: cgdb.texinfo $(srcdir)/version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  cgdb.pdf: cgdb.texinfo $(srcdir)/version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  cgdb.html: cgdb.texinfo $(srcdir)/version.texi $(cgdb_TEXINFOS)
  $(srcdir)/version.texi: @MAINTAINER_MODE_TRUE@ $(srcdir)/stamp-vti

So, it added the html rule that I wanted. Thanks by the way! However, it
also started to build the info file into the source tree, instead of
where the rest of the documentation goes. I don't understand this at
all. Why would I want some of my documentation to go into different

Also, I'm kind of assuming that some people have read-only source trees.
This would most likely break the build on there system.

I'd prefer to have all the documentation get built into the build tree.
Does anyone know how to accomplish this with the newer automake? Why was
the policy changed? or why should I prefer the way it works now?

Thanks for such a great program!

Bob Rossi

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