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FASTER than broadband and FREE

From: Faster Than Broadband
Subject: FASTER than broadband and FREE
Date: Tue, 18 May 2004 18:20:15 +0100

Great News

FREE FASTER than broadband connection....

PLUS no more Internet bills or call charges, ever again.

We have just released the new improved version of our ADSL/Broadband package
and would like to invite you to upgrade your existing slower connection and
benefit from its increased speed for FREE.

FASTER than broadband is 4 times quicker than your existing broadband
connection and 40 times faster than dial-up, however the best thing is it's
totally FREE and available via any telephone line worldwide.

It is revolutionising the way millions of people are connecting to the
Internet. It is unique and takes 1 minute to install and is very easy to

No more Internet bills or call charges, ever again.

All you need is a telephone line to get FASTER than broadband for FREE.

If you are currently paying for ADSL/Broadband or still on dial-up then the
new and hugely improved service is definitely for you. In-fact whatever your
connection is and wherever you live FASTER than broadband will SAVE you
money and will SPEED up your connection.

As a special customer reward to you, via your existing ISP, you can now have
FASTER than broadband speed and pay nothing. That's right you don't have to
pay for broadband any longer. It's FREE.

Upgrade your existing ADSL/Broadband connection or if you still have dial-up
and would like ADSL/Broadband without costs or monthly charges and retain
your existing email address, click the link below for more information.

If you would like to give away FASTER than broadband Internet and earn
either £27GBP, $48USD, $64AUSD, 39Euro or $74NZD per client, click the link
below for more information.

This offer is open to Internet users world wide. Wherever you live, you can
now get a FASTER than broadband connection without paying for it.

All you need is a telephone line.

Click here for more information or copy this URL into your browser >>

Please note that due to huge demand for FASTER than broadband, you may
experience difficulties with the website. If you do find our server either
slow or not responding please try again.

Please note: At all times, we strive to deliver news and special offers to
users relating to our service upgrades and in strict compliance with our
privacy policy. If you feel that we have breached your privacy or you simply
prefer not to receive any more news regarding this new service, please click
this link or copy this URL into your browser>> and you will be
immediately and automatically unsubscribed from your ISP's contact list.

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