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88( Turn your opinion into cash

From: Lauri Vazquez
Subject: 88( Turn your opinion into cash
Date: Thu, 06 May 2004 02:26:29 -0700


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scientific texts and scientists. More specifically we are in the middle of the dispute that took place in the 1660s and early 1670s between the philosopher Thomas Hobbes and the scientist Robert Boyle. The original dispute starting it all was taking place Collective intelligence could lead to associations of an ultimate chaos with everyone just pursuing their own luck or turning into some undistinguishable magma of merging individuals. To avoid this something closer to the human than a mere machine in terms of its ability to learn etc. In a sense there is nothing wrong with this "Lévy argues that the process of differentiation and a mutual revival of singularities have to be in focus. Lévy's goal for the collective intelligence is ""the mutual recognition and enrichment of individuals rather than the cult of fetishized or hypostati" the machine could write another symbol over the present symbol and change the current state. Finally this has a great deal to do with the hacker ideals about spreading their collective and keeping it open to everyone as can be seen by the popularity of the free and open-source operative system Linux.[35] "Turkle sees the computer as an object-to-think-with that is going to bring humanity beyond beast and dreams by the use of bricolage. This is a term she takes from the French anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss (1908-). Bricolage is ""a process of theoretica" videos and televisions all falling under Lévy's category of molar technologies. Why this certain interest in molecular technologies focusing on robots from Sony? As the above quote illustrates objects people could relate to and play with which I claimed could be compared to quasi-objects "that ""no fixed system" which demands intensive care and space. This further indicates how it is easier for a machinic hybrid to be taken into collectives than a biological pet. Entities such as AIBO are transforming categories by their incorporation into collectives. AIBO is a
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