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From: Simkosi Jacobs
Date: Wed, 17 Apr 2002 15:51:33 +0200

Mr. Simkosi Jacobs
#39, Commissioner Street
Johannesburg 2109
South Africa
Tel: +27-82-228-0494
Fax: +27-83-774-7140

Attn Request ForAssistance

Let me introduce myself, I am Mr. Simkosi Jacobs, thefirst son of Brigadier 
JacobKhumalo of the Democratic Republic of Congo (formerly Zaire). My father 
was thechief of Defence staff of my country under the assissinated President 
Laurent Kabila.Unfortunately, he lost his life as a brave soldier on27/01/2001 
while on active duty.(May his soul rest in Peace) You might have heard of the 
crisis that has ravagedmy country, a rich Kingdom,over a decade now.This crisis 
has occupiedinternational News headlines for sometime now.After the death and 
burial of my father, theenvironment in my country become unconducive for us and 
our lives were even threatened.We then had to move to Kenya our maternal home 
in order to safe guard our lives.In the course of our preparation to travel to 
Kenya,my mother discovered in my father's a contract of Deposition with one 
security company inSouth Africa during one of his trips to purchase arms and 
ammunition from thatcountry. The document informed usthat the actual contents 
of the box
are money and notfamily treasures. The moneydeposited in the security company 
is Thirty SevenMillion Three Hundred ThousandDollars (U$37.3m)On getting to 
Kenya, I then went to South Africa tolay claim to the box and after thesecurity 
company had investigated my claims, they approved it. I then traced my father's 
banker in South Africa whowill help me to ensure that the money is 
transferedout of South Africa. The Banker advised that we getthe assistance of 
a foreign partner who will providehis foreign account to transfer this money 
into. Thatis why I have decided to contact you.My family has agreed to offer 
you 15% of the total sumfor your assistance,while 5% has been set aside for the 
re-imbursement ofthe reasonable expenses incurred by both parties in the 
courseof transaction. The restof the money will be for my family future 
investment.You can alwaya reach me through my confidential fax ore-mail above.

Best regards,
Mr. Simkosi Jacobs

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