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[bug#61240] [PATCH 0/2] restore support for 5.6 and gracefully degrade t

From: Jacob Bachmeyer
Subject: [bug#61240] [PATCH 0/2] restore support for 5.6 and gracefully degrade timestamps
Date: Tue, 07 Feb 2023 23:28:27 -0600
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Paul Eggert wrote:
On 2023-02-05 21:43, Jacob Bachmeyer wrote:
Should the patch be relative to commit 6d6fc91c472fd84bd71a1b012fa9ab77bd94efea (before the version requirement bump) or should it include reverting commit 4e3744a15c4d8bdb46c11ead2fb56c5f591b714b (the version requirement bump)?

Might as well do it all at once, thanks.

Two patches, generated with git format-patch as requested, follow under separate cover.

I had to rework my local repository, where I had previously rolled back to before the version requirement bump instead of reverting it. Using "git diff" confirms no differences between the two local branch tips, so I am sending in the patch now while tests continue to run here. Patch 1 reverts the version requirement bump; patch 2 allows Automake to gracefully degrade if Time::HiRes is not available.

While Automake clearly works correctly under Perl 5.6.2 with these patches applied, I am still running down some minor testsuite result differences between the system Perl 5.34.1 and perlbrew Perl 5.6.2 on the machine I am using for the tests. Should patches to correct these issues be sent under this bug or should they be sent separately to automake-patches?

Preliminary analysis suggests that the Perl fragment in t/ax/ needs a few improvements (to improve compatibility in both directions; an accessor method was introduced in Perl 5.8 and the code fails under Perl 5.6 due to other limitations; [*facepalm*]), and t/pm/ appears to be tickling a compiler bug in Perl 5.6.2 that produces a false syntax error, but Automake itself is unaffected. The only other differences are t/pm/ and t/pm/, which are skipped due to a lack of the required thread support in the older Perl. The failure of is_blocked_signal causes ERRORs in t/parallel-tests-interrupt.tap, t/self-check-exit.tap, t/self-check-is-blocked-signal.tap, and t/tap-signal.tap. No other tests FAIL with either Perl.

I also found that t/ FAILs if libtool is not installed, but configure does not detect and complain about the unavailability of libtoolize.

-- Jacob

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