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Re: [PATCH] dist: add new "pure-dist" automake option

From: Allison Karlitskaya
Subject: Re: [PATCH] dist: add new "pure-dist" automake option
Date: Sun, 4 Jul 2021 08:38:45 +0200

hello everyone,

Thanks for the quick progress here, and the kind words.  A few notes:

 - I used the word "pure" in the sense of a pure function, without side
effects.  I had started with a very long flag name but when you have a few
different flags in your AM_INIT_AUTOMAKE macro this quickly gets out of
hand.  I thought fairly hard about the best possibility for a short name
which is still somewhat descriptive.  Perhaps the docs could be tweaked a
bit to make the link more clear.  For what it's worth, the other option I
considered was static-dist.  Maybe this would be better?

 - My actual preference would be to have this be the default option.  Might
we have a path some day to a place where this is true, possibly after a
transition period?

 - I made a mistake: I added the tests, but I forgot to add them to the
list of tests.  Can someone make sure that gets fixed on merging, or should
I email an updated patch?

Thanks very much,


On Sun, 4 Jul 2021, 00:28 Karl Berry, <> wrote:

>     insinuates itself into where help2man was looking for the executables
>     and extracts the --help text directly from the *source*.
> Sorry to hear about that trouble, Zack.
> I expect we will install Allison's patch (maybe under a different name)
> for the next release. Just waiting to hear back from Jim. --thanks, karl.

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