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[PATCH v2] Shorter object file names under subdir-objects

From: Thomas Martitz
Subject: [PATCH v2] Shorter object file names under subdir-objects
Date: Fri, 12 May 2017 07:11:59 +0200


here's the updated patch. Changes since v1:

- The test that checks for exact object file names was replaced by another one that tests if object files clash due to truncation of the name - When there were two programs or libraries with the same base name (but in different dirs), then the wrong object was linked into one of the programs/libs.

Note: There is still one extreme edge case which is not handled yet. You can apparently name a program libfoo_la. If there is also library generated in another dir, then the objects will clash again. My fix above only checks for clashes within programs (and within libraries). This is due to the code structure (libraries are written out before programs parsed at all). I wanted to get opinions on how to tackle this before going a wrong route. Maybe change the code so that all programs and libs are parsed first, checked for clashes second and then written out?

Best regards

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