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Re: Adding icl to compile wrapper script

From: Peter Rosin
Subject: Re: Adding icl to compile wrapper script
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 2015 15:06:44 +0100
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Hi Jonathan,

On 2015-11-16 17:44, Peyton, Jonathan L wrote:
> Hello automake developers,
> I have this patch which adds icl (Windows Intel Compiler) to the lib/compile 
> wrapper script.  Icl has a Visual Studio driver interface and supports all 
> the flags that are translated inside the compile script.  It also doesn't 
> support the '-o -c' idiom similar to the Visual Studio compiler so I think it 
> is a good candidate for this wrapper script.
> -- Johnny

Yes, that sounds usable. However, ideally I think you should plagiarize the test
t/ so that we also test the wrapping of the icl compiler when it is
available. You will need to patch the require_tool function in 
to recognize this "new" icl tool for that to work.

You are also missing a changelog and you need to update the scriptversion at the
top of the compile script.

You could also write the case match as

  cl | *[/\\]cl | cl.exe | *[/\\]cl.exe \
  icl | *[/\\]icl | icl.exe | *[/\\]icl.exe )

in order to not duplicate the code.

Since you send this from an intel account, why is it that -c -o isn't supported?

And another question is if icl supports the -showIncludes option from MSVC? Or
does it have a way of its own to output dependencies? You might want to
support a one-pass mode to find dependencies in the lib/depcomp script.


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