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Re: aclocal only picking up /usr/local/share and not /usr/share

From: Maynard Johnson
Subject: Re: aclocal only picking up /usr/local/share and not /usr/share
Date: Thu, 17 Mar 2011 17:05:57 -0500
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On 03/17/2011 10:02 AM, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
On Thursday 17 March 2011, Maynard Johnson wrote:
On 03/17/2011 5:17 AM, Stefano Lattarini wrote:
Well, you could always resort to adding proper `-I' option to
you aclocal calls.  Also, in the next automake release, aclocal
will probably support a new 'ACLOCAL_PATH' environment variable
that would help solving this kind of problems

Except this happens when building a 3rd party package.  Yes, I have the
source for that package, and, in fact, the first fix I did was to update
its (where aclocal is called) to add '-I /usr/share/aclocal'.
But that didn't seem like the right way to go either for the general case
(i.e., I don't think that's an appropriate fix to contribute back to the
package maintainer).

I'd expect a properly written script to honor the ACLOCAL
environment variable when calling aclocal; if that is the case, you
can resort to:
   $ ACLOCAL='aclocal -I /usr/share/aclocal' ./

yes, this technique worked for me, too.

without having to modify any file.  If OTOH the script doesn't
honor the ACLOCAL environment variable, IMHO it's broken, and contributing
a patch about this back to the package maintainer would be the right thing
to do (again IMHO).

BTW, this is an example of where the yet-to-be-implemented 'ACLOCAL_PATH'
would be really useful: instead of having to hack the as above,
you could simply do:
   ACLOCAL_PATH='/usr/share/aclocal' ./
which would work also if autogen doesn't honor the ACLOCAL environment

I think the best I can do is to suggest an FAQ on that package's web
site that documents the error and the solution.

That could go in the FAQ section of the Automake manual:
I might attempt a patch, but not soonish.  You are free to beat me
if you want to give a try ;-)

I haven't gone through the process with my company to get approval to contribute to the automake project. The package in question is oprofile, and coincidentally ;-), I'm the maintainer of that package, so I already added an FAQ. Feel free to use of the wording you find there, if it seems appropriate. -- bottom of the page.



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