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Patch for install-sh; adds support for -C option

From: Marcel Loose
Subject: Patch for install-sh; adds support for -C option
Date: Wed, 28 Dec 2005 15:59:04 +0100

I was wondering why install-sh does not support the BSD install -C option 
(install file, unless target already exists and is the same as the new file). I 
consider this option quite useful, especially since automake uses install-sh 
whenever you install header files prefixed with nobase_ (see my bug report in 
GNATS database, #475). So, I cooked up this patch (see attachment) for 
install-sh. I have no idea whether it meets your quality standards, since this 
is the very first patch I'm uploading. Please send feedback (positive or 
negative), so I can learn.
Kind regards,
Marcel Loose.

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