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Re: depcomp: support newer HP compilers

From: Zack Weinberg
Subject: Re: depcomp: support newer HP compilers
Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 10:40:01 -0700 (PDT)
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Alexandre Duret-Lutz said:
> Hi Zack,
> Sorry for the delay.

No worries.  However, I no longer work for CodeSourcery, and cannot test
anything on HP boxen anymore.  Also, I refuse to have anything to do with
libtool.  I'm afraid you're on your own for most of those fixes.

>  zw> HP's documentation claims that a suitable option for "dashMstdout"
>  zw> style would be "+M", but that provokes an error message and the
>  zw> advice to use "+Make".  *That* works.  Better still, there's
>  zw> "+Maked" which can be used as the basis of a new side-effect style.
> Is there an option to specify the name of the dependency output file?

I could not find any such option.

> (I tried to find the documentation on HP's website, but got
> lost, not knowing the name of the compiler and what OS to search
> for.)

HP-UX 11.23 for ia64; the compiler is usually known as "acc".  However,
the documentation that came with the compiler was out of date; it didn't
mention +Make nor +Maked at all, and recommended the use of +M which
doesn't work... They might have fixed it by now, though.

> This means that when depcomp runs libtool to do the compilation,
> and libtool creates its object down in ./.libs/foo.o, then
> we must fetch ./.libs/foo.d ?

Presumably.  As I said, I don't do libtool.  I can't answer your next
few questions for the same reason.

>  zw> +  cat "$tmpdepfile" > "$depfile"
>  zw> +  # Add `dependent.h:' lines.
>  zw> +  sed -ne '2,${; s/^ //; s/ \\*$//; s/$/:/; p; }' "$tmpdepfile" >>
> "$depfile"
> I assume the first line (ignored) contains the object file?

Yes.  This is not unlike other sed scripts in depcomp.

> Is the leading `;' important?

You mean the one immediately after the '{'?  Yes, that has to be there, or
sed will give syntax errors.

>  zw> "$@" -E |
>  zw> -    sed -n '/^# [0-9][0-9]* "\([^"]*\)".*/ s:: \1 \\:p' |
>  zw> +    sed -n -e '/^# [0-9][0-9]* "\([^"]*\)".*/ s:: \1 \\:p' \
>  zw> +       -e '/^#line [0-9][0-9]* "\([^"]*\)".*/ s:: \1 \\:p' |
> I'll include this bit in 1.9.6.

Thank you.


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